This is a list of all UNIT Members and listed at the highest ranking that were while in service for UNIT.

Italics for when associated with UNIT and not officially a member.


Title Name Years of Service Role at Unit
Field MarshalJohn Thatcher1968-1973
GeneralWinifred Bambera1989-2026
Lieutenant GeneralMichael Sanchez1994-2009KIA
BrigadierCharles Crichton1974-1996
BrigadierAlistair Lethbridge-Stewart1968-1976, 1997-2010
ColonelRoss Brimmicombe-Wood1996-2005
ColonelEmily Chaudhry1990-2008
ColonelRobert Dalton1991-2005
ColonelPatrick Faraday1975-1981
ColonelTia Karim2008-2010
ColonelAlan Mace1999-2016
ColonelAugustus Oduya2003-2012
CaptainMichael Yates1970-1974, 2011-????
Warrant OfficerJohn Benton1968-1979


Title Name Years of Service Role at Unit
Head of Scientific Research The Doctor1969-????Active Mainly 1969-1975.
Worked on-off since.
Never officially resigned.
DoctorHarry Sullivan1974-1980


Title Name Years of Association Association with Unit
Major GeneralWilliam Rutlidge1968-1969British Army's Liason to UNIT
Major GeneralHamilton Scobie1969-1978British Army's Liason to UNIT
MissSarah-Jane Smith1974-????Companion to The Doctor
Assisted UNIT with various Alien Threats

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