Welcome to the Doctor Who Wiki!Edit

We're immensely glad you have landed your Tardis in this particular corner of the internet. But if you're here, you may have some questions. Such as:Edit

What is Doctor Who?Edit

Pretty essential question there. Well, Doctor Who is one of the most popular science-fiction shows ever produced — with little doubt, the most popular, as far as the United Kingdom is concerned. It's a science-fantasy of varying silliness or gravity, following the adventures of the Doctor, a whimsical, timeless hero who travels in time in a blue box to right wrongs and generally see the sights. Fixtures of Doctor Who include 'companions' (everyman or -woman characters whom the Doctor befriends and takes on as sidekicks on his journeys), recurring villains such as the iconic Daleks, and one-shot monsters. 

Is this Wiki just about the TV series, then?Edit

Oh, not in the slightest. Doctor Who has spawned many spin-offs, some of them licensed by the BBC, some of them not, some of them kind of. All are welcome on the Wiki. And yes, that means that with sixty years' worth of material across a dozen different media, you'll have some continuity issues… but so what? Doctor Who is about a world where alternate timelines, time manipulation and paradoxes are a fact of life. Seen through this lens, plot-holes are features, not bugs, and you should think (and write) of them that way.

Is this Wiki official?Edit

Absolutely not. We're just fans trying to get better information about the Whoniverse across to other fans. We haven't a legal leg to stand on for writing about the Doctor & company and featuring images of them, save the common-sense that we're documenting the official stories, not trying to replace them or rip them off. Please be aware of that, and its result: opinions stated here do not, in any way, represent those of the BBC or other Doctor Who copyright holders.

What about Tardis Wiki?Edit

Ah… we were afraid you'd mention that. The Tardis Wiki is the older, bigger, meaner Doctor Who encyclopedia. Well, the Internet-savvy may think of Tardis Wiki as the Wikipedia to our TVtropes. The Tardis Wiki is home to many wonderful fans and is a body of work so remarkable (in sheer volume if nothing else) that it has our respect and admiration. However, over the years, it has also come to be bogged down by draconian policies about what is canon and what is not, rules that forbid the slightest hint of speculation in an article's wording, laws that ban non-directly-Wiki-related discussion between users, dictates about what sort of images and videos can be uploaded and which cannot… it's all very well for them, but this Wiki exists as a simpler, cleaner, friendlier alternative to the Tardis Wiki.